Humm… Vous devriez jeter un oeil à notre nouvelle application de réservation d'hôtels VeryLastRoom !

VeryLastRoom, a new hotel booking app for iphone !

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zzZ is among 35 selected finalists of App Star Awards!


We are pleased to announce that zzZ was selected among 35 apps selected for the App Star Awards.

Looking at the 15 apps competing in our category called “utility & other“, we can tell you that the level is pretty high!  The competition will be hard  but we’re already very proud to be featured among this selection.

Among the 35 apps, let’s say that we found also big players like Dailymotion or Issuu apps…

So now, let’s wait till 9th december for final results at LeWeb in Paris… It’s already exciting to know that we’ll have the luck to see our app tested by such an impressive jury !

And if you really like us,
you can still vote for zzZ, your favourite hotel booking app for iPhone !

zzZ officialy released, get ready to book an hotel !


It’s not the moment to fall asleep ! Still have time to book a hotel !

Download zzZ  !

Available on the AppStore

zzZ is an app to book your hotel’s room, anytime, at best price, directly from your iPhone.
75 000 hotels available in 70 countries, and much more soon !

zzZ is candidate to the App star awards !


Thanks to our appstore rejection, which made the app’s release date being relayed… we became eligible for the app star awards, so we decided to do it. :-) Read the rest of this entry »

New iteration of AppStore Review. AddContact button rejection : Fixed

Nicolas immediately figure it out, new look of our new buttons after the first rejection of the application by Apple.

To recall, these buttons are used to adjust the amount of room that you wish to book for a hotel (most often : only one).

Goodbye AddContact button from Apple. Goodbye blue background, welcome to the green one, same color as the bottom big Reservation / Total button. And for the shape : a square with rounded edges instead of disk. Finally, the “effect” : inset in place of drop shadow.

Before/after compared :


And you, what is your opinion on this makeover ?

Application status changed : rejected

It will not take long until the verdict : rejected.


We are not disappointed, it was even in our forecasts. The reason ? Misuse of an Apple interface element reserved for the addition of contacts (more details later in the article). They are professionals to the end and defend the consistency of their user interface. We almost apreciated this rejection, it means somewhere that real attention is paid to our work.

What is interesting is that we have some traces of the visit of our tester :)

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Application status changed : in review

Less than 7 days past upload for review on AppStore, our application has changed his state this morning. We have a charming “In review” :)


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The mystery of AppStore Submission

There are things in the life which remains mysteries and you have to deal with it . You’ll never know the Coca Cola mix, or the real death cause of Michael Jackson… That’s pretty the same with the AppStore submission process. You absolutely don’t know how it works !

10th july 2008, Apple launched the Appstore. That was 16 months ago…
In 16 months, the appstore have grown at an incredible speed and now offer more than 100 000 applications.

So, that means they approve 6250 applications aprouved / month . We also know from Apple that they reviewed 8500 iPhone apps per week.

Stating that each app has to be reviewed by two people, and they have 40 people working on it. That gives less than 6 minutes to review an app !

Is it really possible? Or Apple have other secrets ?

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Book a hotel on your iPhone with “zzZ” !

In this video, we give you a preview of our new hotel booking app. The video was taken in live, it shows all the main features of the app like the coverflow navigation ;-)

Hope, you’ll enjoy !


You can also watch this video on Dailymotion and Vimeo.

zzZ adventure start !

Welcome on zzZ blog !

zzZ is our brand new project, it is all about search & book a hotel on iPhone. zzZ includes more than 75000 hotels worldwide, in 12000 destinations, across 75 countries and, will be available for free on the appStore.

What make zzZ different from other apps ?

  1. zzZ offer a new way of browsing hotels… someting “more visual”…
  2. zzZ is built in “landscape” mode like a video game.
  3. zzZ offers all infos about the hotel (not only a short summary), plus pictures & built-in Gmaps.
  4. zzZ has a fully integrated reservation process (no redirection on webpage)
  5. zzZ’s team has already a terrific features list for next releases. That’s just the begining!  ;-)

Who are we ?

We are “Proxima”, a young company working under the sun of south of France. We develop our own web & mobile projects mostly in the e-tourism business. zzZ is our first application for iPhone, so we are really excited about it and hope people will find it useful !

Why such a crazy name for a hotel booking app ?

To tell you the truth, we quite hesitated about this name but we just fell in love with it. Short, catchy, meaningful, “zzZ” was just perfect to us. Moreover, this onomatopoeia describing the sound produce by sleeping people, is understand in most of the world! Quite a good point for an application that aim to be used worldwide. We hope so !

But how to pronounce “zzZ” ?

Even for us, it is still a mistery. Everybody have his own way, there is just … no rules !