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The mystery of AppStore Submission

There are things in the life which remains mysteries and you have to deal with it . You’ll never know the Coca Cola mix, or the real death cause of Michael Jackson… That’s pretty the same with the AppStore submission process. You absolutely don’t know how it works !

10th july 2008, Apple launched the Appstore. That was 16 months ago…
In 16 months, the appstore have grown at an incredible speed and now offer more than 100 000 applications.

So, that means they approve 6250 applications aprouved / month . We also know from Apple that they reviewed 8500 iPhone apps per week.

Stating that each app has to be reviewed by two people, and they have 40 people working on it. That gives less than 6 minutes to review an app !

Is it really possible? Or Apple have other secrets ?


Let’s make some suggestions for fun :

  1. The Technologic way :
    They use a supercomputer like HAL which scan apps (there is already a rumor about that !)
  2. The Outsourcing way :
    They employed an army of iPhone geeks who review apps not for money but for pleasure.
  3. The efficiency way :
    Apple’s employees can review apps while using firm’s toilets (sorry about that :-) )
  4. The “Less is More” way:
    They just simulate reviewing apps (that could explain the amount of crappy apps on Appstore !)… the submission process is just made to give emotions to developpers … Apple is really the master of suspense !
  5. The Guru way :
    Steve jobs can simply detect “bad apps” by putting his hands over.

If you had another theory, please share it ! ;-)

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